Richards Custom Stocks

All rifles on this page built by Richard Franklin

Rutland Brown, model 5

Rutland Desert Camo, Lowrider

Rutland Gray/black

Rutland Green Mt. Camo, Undertaker

   Stock models

All stock models designed by Richard Franklin.  

Model 4 (round forearm) in Rutland gray/black laminate

Model 7 ( left side ) in very rare Turkish Walnut BURL


A burl is a large growth similar to a cancer that grows on the SIDE of a tree trunk. It is rare to find a burl large enough to make a stock from and is EXTREMLY rare to fine a burl on a walnut tree

Model 7 ( rgt. side)

Model 9 in western curly maple

Model 11 ( left side ) in western maple very rare BURL

Model 11 ( rgt. side )

Model 12 in westen curly Claro walnut

This stock was made from western Claro Crotch walnut

Model 14 Hunter, This is the last stock pattern I designed, 1/15/08. Dennis Smith, the stock Doctor applied a nice oil finish and did a beautiful job of the checkering. Contact Dennis from his website


Lowrider in Rutland Desert Camo laminate

UnderTaker in South American 'Bloodwood'

XP-100 Pistol stock in a Rutland multi-color laminate

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