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Rifle pictured below is a my heavy 6 MM IMP. Built on a Bat 3-lug action and Krieger HV 14 twist barrel, Jewel BR trigger, Nightforce BR 8-32 scope with the NP-R2 reticle. Stock is my "Lowrider" in the Rutland Green Mt. Camo laminate. This rifle is shooting the 75 V-Max at 3860 FPS with the Norma 7X57 necked down and turned brass which in effect gives me a tightneck in a no-turn chamber of .274". 

The 6 MM IMP has long been one of my favorite groundhog calibers and on this Bat 3-lug accuracy is outstanding.



The rifle pictured below is my 6 MM IMP walking varminter. It is built on a Bat SV action, Jewel BR trigger and a Krieger 14  twist, heavy varmint contour barrel. Scope is a Nightforce 8-32 with NP-R2 reticle.  Total weight is 16 lbs. Stock is my model 10 in Curly Claro Walnut laminated with a 3/8" piece if Curly Maple as the center laminate. I shoot this rifle mostly from the Harris swivel bi-pod. 
In our varmint shooting world velocity rules and a flat shooting rifle is a must. We like bullets that explode an anchor the critter on the spot. Our groundhog farms are usually surrounded by houses and some of our shots are among livestock, barns and outbuildings. Low velocity Vld target bullets will NOT explode upon impact and will richochet into the next county and are NOT safe to shoot in these conditions. The Hornady V-max bullets are hard to beat with the Nosler Ballistic tips a close second. These bullets can be shot very fast in the slower twist barrels with great accuracy. Roy Morris, my old hunting pard has over 9000 lifetime kills on groundhogs alone and has kept yearly records to prove it. Ain't gonna mention the Deer and other varmints he has shot. Roy shoots two 6 MM IMPs,  and a  300 Varminter. Roy is not known in these parts as a hunter, but as a killer and has a great rep among all the Farmers in the county. If they want hogs exterminated, they call Roy.
Long live Bat actions, Jewel triggers,  Krieger & Bartlein Barrels





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We recommend, Bat, Nesika  actions and Krieger (cut rifling), Bartlein barrels (cut rifling) and Lilja barrels (button rifled)

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