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Tommy Shurley studied the art of building precision accurate rifles under me at my shop for over a year. Tommy purchased my complete inventory of tools, machinery & equipment in 2010. Over the next few months I made several trips to Tommy's shop in Heber Springs to continue his training.

Tommy has purchased the best stock making equipment available and is making all the stocks I designed over the years I was making stocks. Tommy can make about any stock or custom rifle you may desire.


Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles

Welcome to Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles. 

We love to hunt, fish and compete in smallbore, highpower and long range shooting events.
Our passion is to produce beautiful custom rifles and stocks.
In our shop we make and use precison components to assemble the finest accurate custom rifles. 
If general gunsmithing is needed please ask us for a referral. Call on us to build you custom accurate rifles and hand fitted custom stocks. It is what we love to do.

All custom rifles and stocks are 100% guaranteed. If we cannot make you happy we will refund 100% of your money. We treat all our customers like family.

Tommy Shurley

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Tommy Shurley, 2010

A few rifles built by Tommy

45 caliber muzzle loader


As you can see by the above examples Tommy has learned the art of building custom rifles & stock well

And they shoot too



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