Build your own shooting table


Richard & Roy Morris have shot thousands of Varmints from their shooting trailer

Roy has a life time kill of Groundhogs over 10,000


Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life



We have sold many, many of these blueprints over the years and have had hundreds of happy customers that have completed their own bench.

Build your own portable 360 degree plus uphill/downhill adjustment shooting bench from our blueprint/plan package.

I prefer to email the plans but will send hard copy via USPS



This bench is as solid as a concrete bench. It is sturdy enough for shooting out to 1000 yards or more. The vertical stem is made of 4" diameter, 1/4 " steel pipe which revolves around a center pipe of the same thickness. The legs are 2" square steel tubing with 1/4" sidewalls.  The top inclines up and down for hill shooting by means of a turn buckle. With a good front rest or bi-pod and a good rear sandbag, just aim the table. The 3 legs have about a foot of vertical adjustment for setting up on hill sides. This bench will weigh about 90 lbs. You get detailed plans with a material cut list and actual pictures.  Many purchasers of these plans build the benches on a trailer as is mine.  Blue prints and package plan for a heavy duty, 360 portable shooting bench plans are $15.00. I can email or mail the plans to you via USPS.

See video clip of bench: Click Here

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Pictured below are pictures of customer built benches & trailers






Gary Davis trailer & benches

Details of Gary's bench adjustments

The builder of this bench must be a very talented fellow

Richards trailer with 2 benches

This is a nice set up.



This bench has the addition of wheels, designed by the builder. He sent me this pic a few weeks ago. Its a novel idea.


Some of the fellows that built their benches are so good they could go into business building & selling them


Thank you for your purchase

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Build your own shooting table
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